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Discover Tangier

A port city found on the northern tip of Morocco, Tangier is an enthralling destination for a holiday. Home to a mixture of North African, Spanish and French culture, it is a cosmopolitan city like no other in the country.

You'll Love Tangier if...

  • You are Looking for an intimate Moroccon break thats completely unforgettable.
  • Couples looking for a city break with a difference.
  • Those who are looking for a blend of cultures in a unique destination.

An Exotic City

  • If you’re looking for somewhere exotic, a holiday to Tangier could be just what you have been searching for. A mixture of stunning beaches, welcoming locals, captivating history and an enchanting, mysterious atmosphere, there is no where quite like Tangier.

  • Sitting just 20 miles from the very southern tip of Spain, it’s a great destination for those visiting Gibraltar, as ferries take the short trip across the waters daily. Saying that, spend just a short time here and you will probably not want to leave.

  • Famed as being the place to be for the jet set, Tangier has been home to an eclectic mix of artists, which adds to its vibrant, lively mix of culture and individual appeal. Head to the beach and you can soak up some of the hot Moroccan sun on the untouched sands that seem to stretch for miles. The boardwalk running across the coast is a great place to people watch at the weekends.

Getting to Know you

  • If you like wandering across unknown streets and discovering new lands, a holiday to Tangier is just for you. Start at the main square, the Grand Socco, and you will stroll past numerous cafes offering fresh Moroccan mint tea, quaint little French restaurants serving dishes with some European finesse, and Spanish bars where drinks are made well and service is friendly.

  • For some lively day and nightlife, the citys' medina is the place to go. Spend an evening watching the sun set over the glistening water and spend the night drinking and dancing under the moonlight and you’ll really get a feel for this fascinating destination.

  • A holiday to Tangier would not be complete without taking a visit to the Kasbah, with white walled, Islamic architecture and a maze of gardens surrounding its domineering walls. If these beautiful gardens have you wanting to see more, the Mendoubia Gardens, at the center of the city, are a haven away from the bustling streets, and somewhere you can find some shade under the hot Moroccan sun.

  • A holiday to Tangier will really open your eyes to a destination that is packed with cultural diversity and sophisticated variety, it really is one of a kind.

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