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The Netherlands Holidays 2016

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Windmills and Clogs

The Netherlands is a country rich in culture, history and sophistication, famous for windmills, clogs, cheese and tulips. Perhaps the latter three are what spring to mind when conducting a stereotypical picture of this country, but the former three will be the overriding theme of your Netherlands holidays – though admittedly a windmill or two may make an appearance.

You’ll be immersed in cultural heritage in the wonderful capital Amsterdam, a beautiful city decorated by canals and charming villages, as well as some striking architecture and world-class museums. You’ll find equal proportions of culture across the majority of the major towns and cities in the country, with Rotterdam contributing a bustling port, beautiful skyline and several historic churches. In The Hague you’ll find the country’s governmental and royal occupancy, as well as several other attractions, while in Nijmegen you’ll discover the oldest city in the country and moving WWII remembrance.

City Charm and Cultural Prowess

Amsterdam provides a spectacular gateway to the Netherlands’ cultural prowess, as well as serving as a fantastic city break destination. The endless network of canals provides a beautiful setting for a stroll, or alternatively you could enjoy a drink in a traditional coffee house beside one of the city’s many pretty bridges. You’ll find some great 5-star Netherlands hotels and apartments situated in the historic centre, meaning you’ll never have to leave your room – but you probably should.

Culture lovers will revel in the city’s fantastic range of museums; picking which ones to visit will be the toughest part of your holidays to the Netherlands. Make time to duck into the Anne Frank House, the Rijksmuseum with its extensive art collection, and the Van Gogh Museum to witness the largest exhibit of his paintings and drawings of anywhere in the world. You’ll find an equally vibrant art scene in Rotterdam as well as many engaging museums.

A Political Powerhouse

The Hague is a particularly important city, home to both the royal and governmental HQ. A holiday to The Netherlands should try and incorporate a visit to this powerful city, if not for the politics and monarchy then at least for the myriad of beautiful buildings, informative museums and canal trips.

The Netherlands also boasts a myriad of vibrant and atmospheric student towns, including Utrecht and Groningen. Both are predictably home to a lively nightlife and a rich culinary scene, and are equally as beautiful, with various historic and architecturally striking sites and a pretty canal network.

There are a number of smaller, lesser-known destinations that will add an untouched flavour to your Netherlands holidays, and escaping the big cities will give you the opportunity to delve further into the country’s charm and heritage. Leiden is a historic student city home to the oldest university in The Netherlands as well as being the birthplace of Rembrandt. It also boasts three fantastic national museums, including the exceptional National Museum of Antiquities. Delft is an equally attractive and historic city with unspoiled architecture and sedate canals. The city offers many of the attractions served up by Amsterdam yet with half the crowds. If your holidays in the Netherlands aren’t complete without a dose of traditional charm, you’ll find it in various locations. Keukonhof boasts an armada of tulips, Kinderdijk is home to an assortment of windmills and the villages of the Waterland and Zaan Region bring the clogs to the party.

Netherlands Activities


The Wadden Area is a region of real natural beauty with islands shaped by the sea and rivers. The region in northern Netherlands is home to a large number of wildlife and some truly spectacular scenery.


There are a number of breweries in The Netherlands many of which run brewery tours, ideal for anyone who is interested in the brewing process or beer lovers; most tours usually end in a tasting session. Walking is one of the best ways to explore and discover the beautiful Dutch countryside and cities


The Flower Parade in the Dutch flower growing region is a 40 kilometre long parade that celebrates the flowers grown in the region. Queens Night in The Hague is a large open air festival held every year in the city with a number of concerts and performances. Sand Sculpture Festival is an annual festival held in the beach area of Scheveningen in The Hague.

Netherlands City Breaks

Top Cities

Amsterdam is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world, criss-crossed by canals and cobbled streets this city is an absolute must. Rotterdam is a modern city port on the North Sea, home to architectural marvels and excitement. The Hague is a historic and cultural city filled with beautiful buildings and known for its arts and culture. Utrecht is an ancient city filled with historic buildings and monuments as well as museums and galleries. Maastricht is an important Dutch city, and the city famous for the creation of the European Union.


The Netherlands is well-known for its windmills, there was once around 10000 windmills in use in the country and there are over 1200 still standing to this day. The windmill is an important part of Dutch history and culture and there are plenty of tours and guides that run around windmills all over the country. There are plenty of opportunities to shop till you drop all over The Netherlands, whether you are looking for vintage bargains or designer labels you’ll be able to find something you like.


Cycling is the preferred method of transport in The Netherlands. Most people own bikes and cycle paths run everywhere throughout the country in both the towns and countryside. Cycle Trips and tours are a great way to discover and explore The Netherlands. In most of the Dutch towns and cities there are regular markets for local food produce as well as arts, crafts and souvenirs.


The Netherlands’s cities are well known for their friendly and welcoming pubs with traditional atmospheres often with live entertainment. There are bars a plenty whether you want a classy cocktail or cheap drinks deals. Clubs are easy to find in The Netherlands with plenty of venues playing everything from techno to 80’s cheese into the early hours.

Netherlands Couples Holidays


The Netherlands has a large number of museums scattered all over the country such as the Van Gogh Museum of contemporary art, the Amsterdam Museum and the Anne Frank Museum. The Flower Fields of The Netherlands are some of the most breath taking scenery in the country, the colours and smells of the flowers in bloom are mesmerising.


The Netherlands has no shortage of shopping opportunities, whether you are looking for vintage retro clothes shops or designer labels you’ll be able to shop till you drop. The country is home to a large number of breweries that produce some of the world’s most popular beers such as Heineken and Amstel.


There are plenty of restaurants in The Netherlands some serving traditional Dutch fare as well as hundreds of varieties of international cuisine, plenty of choice for a romantic dinner. There are a number of theatres in The Netherlands putting on performances throughout the year, so a romantic evening at the theatre is very much on the cards.


Whatever type of holiday you are looking for there’s a room for you, whether it’s a cosy romantic family run hotel, a luxury hotel for pampering or an affordable room from which to explore from.

There are also plenty of apartments available for those who would rather go self-catered.

Netherlands Family Holidays


The Netherlands has a large number of theme parks and fun parks such as the fascinating Efteling and the exciting Adventurepark Hellendoorn. The Netherlands is renowned for its water ways that run throughout the country, great for canal boating as well as extensive cycling. There are a number of zoos in the Netherlands with hundreds of exciting and endangered animals. Madam Tussauds Amsterdam is one of the city’s most popular attractions, similar to the original London attraction.


There are a large number of golf courses in the country for golfers of all abilities as well as driving ranges and smaller 9 hole courses. The National Swimming Centre at De Tongelreep is a swimming paradise built with an Olympic size pool, diving boards and practise lanes.


There are a huge variety of restaurants all over the country many of which cater for families with children. The Dutch cuisine may not be for all tastes, but there are plenty of international options and restaurants serving burgers and pizzas.


The Netherlands has a large number of hotels that are family-friendly, both luxury and highly affordable, with recreational areas for children as well as entertainment and activities.

There are also plenty of self-catered options available such as apartments and houses.

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