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Utrecht holidays 2016

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Beautiful Utrecht

Boasting a long and captivating history, in addition to being an entertaining and lively city, Utrecht holidays will provide a fascinating Dutch escape for visitors, boasting an innumerable list of sites and attractions to enliven your stay. The Netherlands possesses a long and intriguing heritage, much of which can be discovered within the city of Utrecht, recognised as one of the country’s oldest cities.

While the history and culture is a major draw for tourists, you’ll also discover an exciting and lively nightlife engrained in the city, and your holidays to Utrecht are just as likely to be spent over drinks with new friends and locals as you’ll find many are wandering alongside a pretty canal and staring at the beauty of the architectural themes.

Vibrant Atmosphere and Stunning Sites

Located a short journey from the Dutch capital Amsterdam, Utrecht provides a less crowded and more authentic insight into everyday life in the Netherlands, spanning the worlds of business, education and history. You’ll achieve a wonderful impression of the city by simply meandering alongside, or floating on top of, the beautiful network of canals snaking around the city, taking you past wonderful medieval landmarks and buildings.

One of the most obvious sites to absorb during your holidays in Utrecht is the stunning Dom Tower, an imposing church which towers above the entire city, viewed from the little narrow canal paths and from the approach into the city. For a more modern slant on the city’s architecture, reflecting the progressive theme of Rotterdam, visit the incredible, and somewhat bizarre, Rietveld Schroder House, a UNESCO World Heritage Site worth exploring.