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Explore Oslo

If you want to head to Scandinavia, Norway is a great place to check out. The capital of Oslo is Norway’s largest city, and as such it has the kind of plush atmosphere, and great range of things to see that you’d expect. This is an often-overlooked city in Europe, but it’s also one of the most spectacular. An increasing number of people are heading for a holiday in Oslo, and here are a few reasons why.

Discover Oslo

Getting into Oslo is straightforward, with the countries main airport nearby, and also options to go by boat, or by car. Once there you’ll find a stunningly clean, and refreshingly open city. Thanks to one of the most comprehensive metro systems in the world – know as the T-bane – heading out to explore the city couldn’t be simpler. Things to discover are the amazing array of museums, including a Viking ship making museum, and great architecture such as Oslo Cathedral and the Opera houses.

For retail therapy, Oslo has everything. The town is known as one of the most expensive in Europe, so although you can have a thrifty time there, it’s also a great place to let your hair down and treat yourself. There are several streets with smaller shops and boutiques lining the way. These include Bygdoy Alle, which is filled with all types of stores, and has plenty of cafés for a quick pit-stop too. If you want the modern shopping experience then you can choose from nine different malls dotted around the city. The newest of these, Byporten, is connected to the T-bane, so you can step right off the train and into shopping heaven.

For nightlife, an Oslo holiday gives you just what you want. Start your evening in one of the many great restaurants. The Norwegians are proud of their food, and really into new tastes too, so expect a great mix local cuisine and more outlandish delicacies too. Head to the Grunerlokka district to find the best density of pubs and clubs. The parties go well into the night, with alcohol sold until three thirty in the morning. A holiday in Oslo is a great way to let your hair down.