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Opulent Oman

There’s something seriously sexy about Arabia – we personally can’t help but conjure up images of endless, rolling sand dunes and big, shining rubies … something along the lines of the Cave of Wonders in Aladdin, perhaps. And Oman? Well, Oman is the very epitome of such a luxurious image. An expanse of gorgeous golden sand meets majestic mountains and simply sublime coastlines, creating the perfect backdrop to a getaway you seriously don’t want to miss out on. Make the best decision you’ve made all year and discover why Oman holidays are the right pick for you…

Sophistication and Style

If you fancy something a little different for your next overseas adventure, Oman is surely the answer. As one of the Arabia’s best kept secrets, it’s a complete paradise of elegance, sophistication and class. We’d recommend you beeline straight for Muscat, the country’s thriving, dynamic capital. Known to be somewhat of a rose amongst the thorns of neighbouring capital cities, this treasure chest of a port city has quite a character to sink into. Known for its sense of perfection – from the grandiose domes that line the streets to its downright lickable-cleanliness, Muscat doesn’t do things by halves. Have we convinced you yet?

Fancy A Little Sparkle?

Upon arrival, you’ll soon see that holidays in Oman were designed to impress, and with the plethora of magnificent 5-star hotels that line the city streets and along the coastline, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll have been reeled in by its allure from the word go. Perfect for jetsetters who want to combine ultimate style with a little shopping, sunbathing and sophistication, Oman has just about everything on offer. To lighten your purses while adding a splash of colour to your life, make your way to the Muttrah Souk in Muscat. As the oldest souk in Oman, it’s sure to house all kinds of one-off gems that are destined to get those pearly whites showing from ear to ear. If you’ve been practicing your haggling skills you can certainly put them to good use here – in all of its labyrinthine twists and turns, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to barter.

If your idea of perfect holidays to Oman comes with your active-hat on, you really ought to try a desert safari. Soar over sand dunes as you head towards the Wadi Bani Khalid which has got quite a name for itself due to the sensational underground caves, cascading waterfalls and its general, all-round oozing of sex appeal. Alternatively, trek up the mountains, visit a local village for a traditional sense of Oman culture or enjoy a little bit of everything – frankly, we know that you’re going to have the time of your lives, so we don’t mind how you decide to spend your getaway. One thing you must do, however, is make plenty of time to indulge in the range of mouth-watering menus served at the many restaurants in Muscat – talk about your fine dining and wining, why don’t you?

Idyllically bliss for couples yet still offering plenty for a family looking for something to set them aside at the next school run, Oman holidays are sure to set your hearts on fire. Grab yourself a slice of that much-deserved luxury and see what all the fuss is about for yourself. Go on – we dare you…

Important Information

Travel Information
Language: Omani Arabic
Currency: Rial
Local time: UTC/GMT +4
Local airport: Muscat

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