Lahore Holidays 2016

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Lively Lahore

Considered the cultural, intellectual and artistic hub of Pakistan, your Lahore holidays will present a fascinating insight into the history, architectural themes and ideology of this remarkable country, summarised by the breath-taking realm of the Old City.

Countless monuments, museums and landmarks populate Lahore and are among some of the finest and most famous icons of Pakistan. Many of these symbols of history and culture can be discovered within the Walled City which has operated as a centre of ideology for over a thousand years, and exploring this compact area on foot will present one of the highlights for everybody during holidays to Lahore. In addition to this, the city presents the typical rugged sprawl of a major Asian city, promising relentless colour, vibrancy and chaos!

Cultural Capital of Pakistan

You’ll be faced with a number of sites and attractions on your itinerary when you set foot in the majestic city of Lahore. Of all the city’s treasures, one can’t miss the stunning Badshahi Mosque, arguably the finest in the country and once the largest in the world. The Lahore Fort is the city’s other main party piece, a huge complex where the Mughals built their imperial quarters; today the fort is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Once your holidays in Lahore have seen you traverse the Inner City, walk through its many gates, admire several mosques and spot the towering Minar-e-Pakistan, you can embark on some exploration to other corners of this fascinating country. Other cities, such as the capital Islamabad, and the country’s largest and most modernised city, Karachi, are both fascinating destinations in their own right.