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Paraguay: South America’s Hidden Gem

When you’re bordered by countries like Brazil and Argentina you’ll naturally have a lot to live up to! But rather than compete with their neighbours, continually peering over a metaphorical fence, Paraguay is a country with enough tricks up its own sleeve.

Paraguay holidays allow you to capture that Latin American history and spirit, immersing you in a vibrant culture, engaging history and stunning natural treasures. The bustling capital city is one of the country’s many cultural hubs, home to informative museums and striking architecture. To the north of the capital, the country gives way to wild and expansive plains while to the south the majestic Parana River flows at its strongest. In the east you’ll encounter a natural wonder sitting alongside an engineering masterpiece.

Holidays in Paraguay will surprise even the most intrepid and experienced traveller, revealing secrets and revelations that prove that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

National Culture and Heritage

Exploring Asuncion, Paraguay’s lively capital, will allow you to discover the history and culture that determines the nation. The beautiful cathedral is an ode to the country’s catholic beliefs and Spanish influence, displaying an architectural theme that wouldn’t look out of place in a plaza of Madrid or Seville. You’ll get an even better flavour of Paraguay’s history by visiting some of the city’s informative museums, such as the Municipal Museum, as well as gaining an insight into the country’s unstable past at the Panteon del los Heroes – a scene of remembrance of various wars. Your Paraguay holidays will experience the most luxury in this city, with the best of Asuncion’s hotels guaranteeing you comfort.

One of the biggest attractions in the country is the Jesuit mission ruins found spread across Paraguay. Two of the finest examples are the missions of La Santisima Trinidad de Parana and Jesus de Tavarangue. Both ruins are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and display some of the most impressive religious works of the Jesuit. The ruins are in close proximity to the city of Encarnacion, which is in itself an interesting historic and cultural destination.

Engineering Prowess and Natural Wonders

Holidays to Paraguay aren’t complete until you’ve witnessed two of the country’s most famous sights. The mesmerising cascades of the Iguazu Falls can be accessed through the border city of Ciudad del Este, while nearby is the incredible Itaipu Dam, one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. The falls are one of nature’s greatest gifts, straddling neighbouring Brazil and Argentina and displaying a variety of beautiful water landscapes and crashing chutes. Itaipu Dam does not belong to nature, but the site is equally as staggering. Walking along the top of one of the world’s finest engineering projects is a true privilege.

Not far from Ciudad del Este you’ll be able to engage with an even greater portion of Paraguay’s natural attractions. 3 km north of the city you’ll find the Tati Yupi Nature Refuge, a beautiful area of Atlantic Forest and a great destination for nature lovers. The refuge has camping facilities as well as allowing hiking, cycling and horseback riding opportunities. Wildlife in the park is rich and you’ll stand a good chance of spotting monkeys, armadillos and perhaps even a capybara or two.

You’ll do well to avoid the main heat of the Paraguayan summer, especially during the months of December and January when temperatures can reach an average high of 35C. The most pleasant period to visit the country is in the warm and dryer winter months, enjoyed from May to September.

Out and About in Paraguay

Despite being a landlocked country, your Paraguay holidays can still capture a little bit of that beach lifestyle. In the cultural city of Encarnacion you can trade the museums and Jesuit ruins for a riverside beach. The small beach is very pleasant, exposed to the warm sun rays and blessed with a nice refreshing breeze. The water is good for swimming too as the river isn’t too deep and the current not too strong.

The River Paraguay may not be the most famous river in the country, but it is certainly one of the most impressive. You can explore this river further through the means of a cruise, exposing you to its majesty and the beautiful surrounding jungle landscapes.

Paraguay is renowned for being a quality producer of beef – so where better to tuck into some of the country’s prized meat than in one of the quality restaurants of Asuncion?

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