Wroclaw Holidays in 2016

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Welcoming Wroclaw

With amazing gothic architecture, bohemian style and a lively market square, Wroclaw holidays are as diverse as they are exciting, with enough activity to suit everyone from architecture experts to seekers of serene and splendid natural spaces.

The charm of Wroclaw radiates throughout the modern Market Square and an outstanding Old Town, transporting visitors back in time. Wroclaw has all the attractions of larger cities such as Krakow and Warsaw minus the crowds, a plus for those in search of peace away from a hectic city life. Outdoor spaces are perfectly preserved, enabling visitors and locals to cherish treasured spaces fit for quaint escapes.

Verdant Ventures and Amazing Architecture

Landmarks on Wroclaw holidays range from the lavish to the subtle, the former manifesting in the Wroclaw Town Hall. The monumental attraction sits in the Market Square and has expanded over the years from a single storey building. The interior features gothic architecture and a collection of artefacts depicting the history of the area. Throughout the summer a walk across the Tumski Bridge is unforgettable. Perfect for couples, the large blue arches feature lovers locks attached with names engraved or written on them, a beautiful tradition that lives on to this day.

Summer holidays to Wroclaw are incomplete without a visit to the University Botanical Gardens. The stunning verdant space was established in 1811 and since then has been a major attraction in Poland for locals and tourists. The maintained indoor and outdoor plants sit side by side with the River Oder, a perfect place for a picnic after an afternoon stroll around the garden. Summer evenings are equally as remarkable, as the sun sets over the River Oder Bridge and disappears behind the many majestic cathedrals.

After spending your days luxuriously in the many green spaces, and admiring the Architectural and Archdiocese museums, the evening offers the opportunity to catch some live music and sample the local food. Visit the Collosseum Jazz Caffe for an evening of live improvised music, or the Casa de la Musica for some Latin music and exotic cocktails. If you’re more than a little peckish, the diversity of restaurants on holidays in Wroclaw offer everything from sushi to burgers, as well as the best in native food such as kielbasa sausage and a traditional gulaszmeat stew.