Doha Holidays in 2016

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Delightful Doha

Those peering into Doha from a boat off of the shores will see beacons of light, standing as tall as buildings among the city’s skyline – each structure representing beauty, progression and hope for what is a rapidly developing country.

It’s not uncommon on holidays to Doha to be haggling in a souk during the morning hours, discovering vast deserts in the afternoon and enjoying a splendid restaurant in the evening, experiencing culture and cuisine in its purest form. While many will say Qatar’s capital is yet to find its soul as a modern development, the city itself is fast becoming an intriguing prospect for holidaymakers all over the world.

A cultural city break

If it’s an alternative to the traditional beach break you’re after, then Doha holidays should be next on your list of places to visit. Hotels offer access to private beaches but seemingly worlds away and a few metres behind is a cityscape that rivals Barcelona in terms of raw appeal. Historical gems have slowly come to prominence since the city’s former life as a little fishing village, most notably from 1825 when the city became more recognised as a central hub for cultural development.

Souq Wakif is the most traditional marketplace to be found on holidays in Doha and would have once been where the Bedouin people brought their sheep and goats to trade, whereas nowadays the winding alleys are filled with souvenirs and local goods. The Museum of Islamic Art offers another insight into the traditions of the city, although the postmodern exterior is not just a juxtaposition of Doha’s history, but a symbol of how far the area has come in the modern world.

Those who are slaves to adventure will find ample opportunity away from the city however, the surrounding desert landscape providing much in the way of explorative excursions on dune buggies and camels. 40km further afield from the base of your Doha holidays you will also come across the Singing Sand Dunes, an area that literally hums in the low humidity as the wind blows strongly – trips are organised from the city centre.