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Holidays in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has been a highly popular tourist destination for many years, in large part due to the inspiration provided by romantic tales such as 1001 nights.

Travellers who come here are rarely left disappointed by the stunning natural landscape which includes numerous beautiful mountains, beaches and rivers. People on short city breaks in Saudi Arabia find much to keep them occupied among the cafés, restaurants and shops which line the bustling city streets. A holiday to this wonderful destination will provide many great memories.

Exploring Saudi Arabia

If you consider yourself something of a thrill seeker then you will surely want to experience the exhilaration of driving an ATV across the country's sand dunes. For some truly outstanding scenery it is advisable to head to the Empty Quarter, which is probably best enjoyed as part of a group visit. The best place to experience water-sports in this fascinating destination is Obhir-Creek, just 30 miles north of Jeddah. People who come here may take the opportunity to do some swimming, water skiing or maybe even sailing.

Alternatively a day of entertainment can be enjoyed at one of the various amusement parks, which are generally found close to the shopping malls and beaches.

One of the major attractions which should be included as part of any short break to Saudi Arabia is the Mada'in Saleh, not far from the Jordanian border. Historical buffs will want to come here and see the 140 different fascinating tombs, which date back to Nabataean times. In order to have the complete Mada'in Saleh experience it is advisable to spend 2 or 3 days touring this area. For anybody keen to pick up some excellent mementos there are some great gold and jewellery markets in many of the larger cities. Mecca and Medina are undoubtedly the best places to pick up deals on clothing, perfumes and other items of interest.

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