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Solo holidays

Solo holidays

For some, the idea of going solo for your next holiday can be a daunting thought, while for others a trip away on their own equates to a sense of idyllic and tranquil bliss, a time to relax, reflect and indulge. Believe us, there’s simply no better way to achieve a sense of freedom, discovery and rejuvenation than embarking on solo holidays, whether you’re a seasoned single traveller or a novice needing a push out the door, we’ve got some top single traveller deals at lowcostholidays to match your requirements.

Single breaks come in many forms, spanning paradisiacal breaks on the beach, cultural exploration in a captivating city or an adventure-filled escape to push yourself to your limit – something you will only discover by booking your life-changing getaway now!


Enjoy the perfect spot for one on the beach of your dreams when you head out on solo trips to the sun, sand and sea. Countless beach destinations across Europe are awaiting your arrival, promising sunshine, indulgence and a hefty dose of evening entertainment if you want to dive into your new social surroundings. Let your inhibitions run free during a break on majestic Majorca, the ideal spot for beach bums after a great mixture of relaxation and action. Set your own schedule, based around lounging on the beach, getting active through a top water sports scene and adding a cheeky hint of nightlife to enjoy with your new found friends. A great alternative to the Balearic Islands and the gorgeous Canary Islands is the Portuguese region of the Algarve. A European beach paradise, offering gorgeous and secluded sandy beaches lined by dramatic coastal scenery, perfect for catching up on some beauty sleep during your solo holidays; the beautiful beaches are matched by the delicious local culinary treats – don’t miss out on the sardines!

An adventure made for you

 If your day-to-day life back home is one of routine and repetitiveness, heading away on an adventurous break is the perfect way of capturing some excitement, spontaneity and achievement. There’s no better time to try something new and life-changing than for a single traveller on a whirlwind escape, proving the perfect way to test your metal and tick off a bucket list entry or two. Head to the unique and captivating culture of Morocco and get lost in ancient souks amid historical landmarks, before embarking on an adventure trekking in the imposing but beautiful Atlas Mountains or taking to the arid desert in search of authentic tribes and dramatic landscapes. For those in search of a larger dose of adrenaline, embrace the fantastic extreme sports scene in Switzerland and embark on a rafting trip, take up snowboarding or tackle your fear of heights with a skydive, amazing your friends back home with your holiday snaps upon your return from your solo trip! Leaving the kids at home can be tough, but nothing can help recharge single parents better than an active break abroad. Hop on a bike and cycle around the beautiful historical towns and cities of Belgium, all the way ensuring you stop off to taste some of the country’s famous chocolate – something you’ll be extra pleased to enjoy all to yourself!

Your own special destination

 Heading to new cities and unique destinations is a great way of discovering your very own ‘secret’ escape, something you can explore and become acquainted with on your own terms, satisfying your own personal goals. City escapes are the perfect way to get to grips with a culture and identity and there’s no European city that you’ll want to get to know better than Barcelona. The Spanish city has all the ingredients to promise wonderfully-fulfilling solo holidays, including cultural fascination, historical discovery, a great beach, unrivalled nightlife and world-class shopping – and with nobody to tell you not to splurge! For somewhere a little further off the tourist trail, head to the Hungarian capital of Budapest and explore its stunning castle, dine on fried carp and float along the River Danube, or alternatively jet into Prague and indulge in some of the world’s best beer after gazing upon the mesmerising astronomical clock; both proving fantastic destinations for culture vultures. If its fairy tale old towns you’re looking for, none quite live up to the beauty and intrigue of Krakow, with its patchwork-coloured buildings and towering spires adding to the vibe of a bygone era – as well as being an excellent cost-effective escape for solo travellers.