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Holidays to South Africa in 2016

Robben Island in Cape Town, South Africa



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Stunning South Africa

With majestic sweeping planes, spectacular wildlife and vibrant cities, South Africa is undoubtedly one of the most incredible places you can ever hope to visit.

From the high plateaus to the low-lying coastal cities, this is a country that offers visitors a choice of landscapes to make the most of. With opportunities to witness some of the world’s most magnificent creatures on a safari, swim in the ocean with a great white shark or cook up a barbecue with the locals, South Africa holidays will never be anything less than spectacular.

An exciting wilderness

If you want action on your holiday, South Africa's most southerly city Cape Town is a thrill-seeker’s paradise. This stunning destination is set against the backdrop of Table Mountain, with bungee jumping, mountain biking, surfing and diving among the many activities on offer.

Johannesburg is a popular starting point for holidays. As the country’s largest city you’ll find heaps of action in this bustling metropolis, with excellent museums, shopping, eating and drinking on offer. If you’re interested in finding out about the history of South Africa, days out can be spent visiting Soweto for a true cultural experience.

If you’re planning on a beach holiday, Durban is famous for its wide sandy shores and crystal clear waters. This spectacular location on the east coast is home to the ‘Golden Mile’ of beaches that stretch along the lapping shores of the Indian Ocean. If you want to go on safari, holidays in South Africa are perfect. Durban itself is just a short trip from KwaZulu Natal National Park with its breath-taking vistas and more than ten nature reserves, making it a prime place to discover some of the best parts of South Africa.

Cultural adventures

Offering so many bucket-list activities from shark diving to safaris, South Africa is nothing short of a giant adventure-land. Those with a longing to explore will be perfectly suited to this country, with everything from riding ostriches, whale watching and leopard spotting to keep you satisfied.

With a history going back as long as the civilised world, there are some cultural places that simply must be visited in this great country. From the home of the great civil rights activist Mahatma Gandhi, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mapungubwe or the Cradle of Humankind, there is a huge amount of history just waiting to be explored.

Family holidays to South Africa couldn’t be more enjoyable. With a veritable playground of landscapes, animals and theme parks, children are in for an unforgettable experience. Visit the uShake Marine World for some fun in the sun and witness some of the award-winning dolphin shows that the park is known for. To make sure the younger crowd don’t miss out on exploring all that the country has to offer, there are also a range of child-friendly safaris. These fun experiences take the little ones on junior ranger training and closed-vehicle tours to see some of South Africa’s biggest mammals.

Out and about in South Africa

A huge part of the cultural identity of the country, safari tours offer a way to really experience what Africa is all about. Wild, rugged terrain, graceful animals and ferocious big cats each await you in this mesmerising country. A safari tour can be truly life changing, allowing you to learn a little about the delicate ecosystems and support the rangers who keep these magnificent animals safe from poachers.

One for those with a heart of steel, shark diving is a hugely popular activity in South Africa. Giving all those brave enough to try it the thrill of a lifetime, entering the water with a great white shark is an experience you will never forget. Witnessing the grace and power of these sharks in a safe, protected environment is sure to give you a newfound respect for these kings of the ocean – if you didn’t have enough of that already!

Those looking to relax rather than get the heart racing will find an abundance of things to do in South Africa. Tuck into a traditional braai (barbecue), explore the magnificent Table Mountain by cable car or simply take a relaxing river cruise and spot the wildlife en route.

If you’re looking for inspiration on things to do in on your South Africa Holidays, check out our guide.

Botanical Gardens

Located in Cape Town, South Africa the Botanical Gardens are the perfect place for couples to spend some quality time within the beautiful surroundings of these exquisite gardens. Showcasing only plants indigenous to South Africa these gardens were created to celebrate South African flora. Whether it’s a casual stroll you enjoy, a more strenuous walk or maybe even an intimate picnic with your special someone, The Botanical Gardens are a must see when visiting Cape Town.

Romantic Hotels

If breath taking views, spa pampering and an insight to the serene landscape South Africa has on offer is what you desire whilst on your romantic getaway then you have certainly chosen the perfect destination. There are luxury hotels waiting to cater to your every need allowing you to have that relaxing break you’re after. Or if you’d prefer a more hands on approach then there is a huge selection of camps and lodges available positioned in the heart of some of the largest national parks in Africa where the surrounding curious wildlife wait to have close up encounters with their new visitors.

Wine Lands

A great way to spend some quality time with your special someone whilst in South Africa is to take an excursion to the wine lands. Located in Cape Town among the mountains this region is full of culture and history, known well for its fantastic restaurants and of course the wine. If you are visiting a different part of South Africa then don’t hesitate to locate your nearest winery and take a tour. With knowledgeable guides and some of the finest wine you are sure to have a memorable time doing something unusual that’s a little bit fancy.


Some couples idea of a perfect holiday is basking in the heat of the shining sun looking out at a majestic blue ocean that seems to go on forever. If so, South Africa can offer you this and so much more. Long white sandy beaches with something to suit everyone, whether it is sitting out on a viewing deck looking out for the passing whales and dolphins, having a go at some of the local water sports or just relaxing on the soft sand in between taking a dip in the clear warm waters South Africa has some stunning beaches you and your partner are bound to fall in love.