Cala D'Or Holidays 2016

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Carefree Cala D’Or

A place for those seeking a touch of sophistication, this Majorcan resort is a little glimpse of how the island was in the past.

In this town, cobbled streets lead you to alfresco restaurants where the smell of freshly cooked seafood lingers in the air. Take your pick from the quiet beaches or get your blood pumping with an array of thrilling water sports. Cala D’Or holidays are a chance for families to come together, or a romantic retreat for couples seeking the sun.

The Golden Cove

Cala D’or is relatively compact, meaning you are never far from the shops or views of the Mediterranean Ocean. Take your pick from the plush resorts in the area; many of which have private pools to cool off in during the day.

You can find more secluded accommodation near to the marina, where there are plenty of white-washed villas to rent. If you’d prefer to be a stone’s throw from the sand, head to Cala Gran Beach. The hotels in this area are located right next to this attractive cove which is one of the best beaches on the island.

Cala D’Or - a peaceful escape

White-washed villas and a temperate climate make this resort a picturesque destination in the Mediterranean. The weather is consistently good in Cala D’Or, with more hours of sunshine and more predictable weather than the west coast of Majorca. If you visit outside of peak season you will find a much quieter stay, while if you do visit in the height of summer, the best option is to rent a villa and enjoy your own private beach.

Ideal for families looking to explore Majorca, Cala D’Or has the delightful neighbouring towns of Cala Egos and Cala Ferrera. A mini train takes visitors to different parts of the island which can also be great fun for families. If you're looking for another resort that offers scenic walks and outdoors activities, look no further than Llucmajor, near Palma.

A major reason people choose a Cala d’Or holiday is that the area has no high rise hotels, making it much prettier than other big towns on the island. With only a 45 minute journey to Palma airport, it’s no wonder so many families are picking this resort as their favourite chill-out area in Majorca.

Cala D'or - The Best Of

Top Beach

Cala Esmeralda is a natural cove in the area of Cala D’or, the fine beach and beautiful surroundings make it a highlight in the area and must see for beach lovers.

With a steep slope heading down to the sea it is favoured by adults and as a result has a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for soaking up the sun.

Top Attraction

The catamaran experience in Cala D’or is perfect for those that want to explore the beautiful and renowned coastline of Majorca.

Stop off at the world famous Es Trenc beach, sail around the coastline of Es Carbo and enjoy an on board bbq. The best way to see the exotic coastline of Majorca.

Top Restaurant

R.Botavara is one of the most loved restaurants in Cala D’or, with the marina side location and brilliant food a favourite with visitors and locals.

The restaurant serves the freshest of fish and is renowned for its steak, so much so that the King of Spain is a reputed customer.

Cala D'or Couples Holidays

Relax in Style

As one of the most picturesque parts of Majorca, Cala D’or is great for couples looking for quality time together.

Beautiful landscapes, amazing beaches and all the charm of Majorca make Cala D’or the ideal choice for a summer beach holiday. Chilled days and evenings make Cala D’or one of Majorca’s stand out destinations for couples.

Hotels for Couples

Cala D’or has a mix of excellent hotels and apartments for visiting couples to enjoy.

Whitewashed low rise villas mix with modern hotels and blend into the beautiful surroundings, with much of the accommodation overlooking the coast.

Attractions for Couples

Explore the natural beauty of Cala D’or with a sailing experience, great for couples looking for their own slice of Majorcan paradise.

The marina in Cala D’or is one of the best in Majorca with a selection of shops, cafes and restaurants to visit.

Drinking and Eating

Whether you are looking for a quick bite to eat or want to experience a romantic meal, Cala D’or has an outstanding selection of fine eateries and restaurants.

For a romantic dinner under the Majorcan sunset, visit Restaurante Zocalo and sample the highly regarded Mediterranean menu. With al fresco dining and a view overlooking the marina it is sure to impress

Cala D'or Family Holidays

Relax and Play

Cala D’or is great for families looking for a resort in Majorca that mixes relaxation, natural beauty and exciting attractions for summer holidays.

This picturesque resort on the South Coast of Majorca offers families a unique landscape to sample, fantastic hotels and 2 miles of golden sands to explore.

Family Friendly Hotels

There are a number of great hotels in Cala D’or, offering families the chance to enjoy a stress free all inclusive stay or the chance to kick back and relax in self-catered accommodation.

These hotels combine comfortable stays with excellent entertainment and facilities, ensuring families enjoy all Majorca has to offer.

Family Attractions

Cala D’or is home to a selection of Majorca’s finest coves, with private beaches and beautiful coastline a highlight of the resort.

Search for your very own slice of beach heaven by foot or by bike, perfect for active families. Also in the area is a selection of water sports, take a glass bottomed boat out to explore the coast or enjoy an adrenaline pumping jet ski.

Eating and Drinking

As one of the most popular resorts in Majorca, Cala D’or offers its guests a great mix of cafes, restaurants and bars.

Families can sample local cuisine, or choose to enjoy a taste of home. Indiana Johns is perfect for families, with a mix of international cuisine and lively atmosphere for an exciting meal out.

Cala D'or The South Coast

Cala Mondraga Natural Park

This Natural Park and landscape remains one of Majorca’s most beautiful and unspoilt areas to explore.

The park itself has a number of walking trails that let you explore the gorgeous pine trees and wildlife. Mondrago beach is extremely popular with locals and tourists, but is a must see beach.

Cala Figuera

This unspoilt port retains the atmosphere of a working fishing port and is the essence of rural Majorca.

Spend an afternoon relaxing in this beautiful stretch of coastline and explore the village further. The crystal clear water is ideal for snorkelling or a relaxing swim.

Es Trenc Beach

Es trenc is one of Majorca’s most famous beaches and it’s easy to see why the wide bay is so popular with tourists.

The white sand stretches for 2km, and with shallow waters it is perfect for aqua babies and fun seeking families.

Cala D’or Marina

Cala D’or marina is home to some of South Majorca’s finest restaurants, with a quiet and inviting atmosphere the area is perfect for romantic meals, sailing enthusiasts and those looking to do some shopping.

The picturesque marina is surrounded with beautiful coves and is pedestranised for easy access.

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