Las Caletillas Holidays 2016

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Lovable Las Caletillas

For those seeking a relaxing holiday within a tranquil setting, Las Caletillas holidays provide sun-splashed lands with an earthy cool breeze to keep you from overheating, making the location great for sunbathing enthusiasts and water sport aficionados. The pebbly beach at Las Caletillas is quieter than some of the sandier beaches found in Tenerife, but Playa de Las Teresitas, a man-made beach, isn’t too far away if your feet favour a softer touch.

A long promenade lines the shore on the north-east coast where Las Caletillas is situated, pleasant views and plenty of sitting spots from which to gaze out over the clear blue sea will make for a relaxing stroll along the coast. Furthermore, the promenade will lead to Candelaria, a city which hosts numerous festivals and carnivals throughout the year. In the opposite direction, you will eventually come to the capital city of Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a hub of life and beauty which will not disappoint should you wish to visit during your holidays to Las Caletillas.

Travel through Tenerife

Relatively inexpensive car hire companies in Spain allow for exploration with ease while transport services run frequently along the main roads in Tenerife, and being so close to Candelaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife means there will be plenty to discover while you are away. Tenerife will give you options as it is a relatively small island, Las Caletillas will provide numerous excursion based attractions such as boat tours and bike rides, as well as plenty of water sports to keep you entertained. Meson Las Ruedas, a restaurant providing freshly caught sea food, serves ample portions of fantastic food, the perfect place to refuel during the day on holidays in Las Caletillas.

A pretty good way to get an idea of the landscape in Tenerife is to travel up Mount Teide National Park for stunning views of the whole island, although if you’re brave enough to want to go to the top, then it may be worth taking the cable car to the highest peak. For something a bit more down to Earth, visit the Guanche statues, made from volcanic rock these stoic monuments depict the mysterious and primitive race of the Guanches, a must-see for any curiously inclined history buff.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening or a raucous night out on the town, Las Caletillas holidays will serve you well. Gaze out towards the drooping sunset, the starry backdrop slowly making itself clearer as the sun disappears sleepily over the horizon, or head to the numerous bars that litter the streets, conveying absorbingly vibrant colours in what is a lively but comforting atmosphere.

Couples Holidays in Las Caletillas

Romantic Hotels

The secluded setting of a couples holiday in Las Caletillas is ideal for a romantic getaway in the sun and there are plenty of options to suit all budgets, from basic to all-out luxury. Hotel Catalonia Punta Del Ray's all-inclusive deals are ideal for ultimate relaxation or [Tenerife(/spain/tenerife-holidays.htm) Tour's cozy bungalows surrounded by well-kept gardens are ideal for some serious you time.

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Day Trips

Taking a day trip away from the quiet Las Caletillas resort will give you a feel for the culture of the island and the chance to explore on your Tenerife trip. The location is an excellent base, so choose to take a boat trip to a neighbouring island to climb volcanoes in La Gomera or Tenerife’s very own Mount Teide, or go dolphin watching on a sea adventure.


If you're planning on spending your whole holiday here, then get ready to sip some fine wine in the laid-back bars and restaurants. If you're looking for more upbeat nightlife, head to bustling nearby Santa Cruz to dance the night away in one of the many bars and clubs.

Things to do

You may be looking for activities that are a little more adrenaline fuelled, so head down to neighbouring Las Teresitas Playa and try your hand at the region's best water sports. Kitesurfing, body boarding and windsurfing are popular here, and you can pick up equipment rental and tuition for reasonable prices on the beachfront.

Explore Las Caletillas

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Nearby Santa Cruz de Tenerife is an ideal location for exploring a little further afield. There's something for everyone in your group, from vibrant nightlife to world-class shopping, impressive art galleries and bustling casinos, or simply relax on the white sandy beach - whatever takes your fancy!

Mount Teide

If you're on holiday in Las Caletillas, or anywhere in Tenerife, you simply can't miss Mount Teide, Tenerife's active volcano. You can take a day trip here to discover why the ancient Greeks considered it to be a mythological mountain, and climb to the highest point in the whole of Spain.


The resort beach is lined with black pebbles so you may want to venture further afield to find that perfect spot for relaxing in the sun, or try your hand at some watersports at Las Teresitas Playa. One of the best ways to see the area and find your perfect spot is to hire a bike and get cycling.

Boat Trips

For an adventurous day out, you may want to consider taking a boat trip while on your Las Caletillas holiday. Trips and excursions run daily from all over the island, so it's up to you to decide whether you fancy a few hours of whale and dolphin spotting, sea fishing or island hopping to nearby La Gomera or La Palma.

Las Caletillas Family Holidays

Family Beaches

The tranquil beaches in and around Las Caletillas are ideal for families for their shallow, sheltered waters where the kids can play safely in the waters and you can relax on the beach for some premium tan topping. Choose between volcanic black pebbles or nearby Playa de las Teresitas for soft golden sand.

Family Hotels

There's a mix of accommodation to suit all budgets, where you can relax on the quieter side of the island with all the luxuries of a modern hotel. Hotel Catalonia Punta Del Ray is a good choice for families for its inclusive entertainment programme aimed at all ages.

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Things to do

It can be hard to pull yourself away from the seafront, but there are lots of fun family things to do to keep everyone happy. Boat tours leave daily for one of a kind whale and dolphin spotting tours and the nearby capital Santa Cruz is packed with galleries, museums and botanical gardens to explore.

Boat Trips

Boat trips run daily from all over the island and offer you the unique experience to spot rare marine life or climb active (but currently dormant!) volcanoes on the neighbouring other Canary Islands of La Gomera or La Palma. The kids will also love the opportunity of swim stops to snorkel with rare fish.

Things to do in Las Caletillas

Walking Holidays

The island of Tenerife has long been a playground for adventurous walkers drawn to its unique volcanic landscape and leafy Mount Teide National Park. There's a mix of well-mapped trails to choose from to suit all abilities, and the mix of flora and fauna is truly unlike anywhere you will have experienced before.

Day Trips

Choose to stay on land or explore the water on a day trip from your Las Caletillas holiday. Boats leave daily to spot whales, dolphins or go island hopping to the nearby smaller Canary Islands, or choose to visit Mount Teide and learn about its bold history.


The only issue you may find with restaurants is actually choosing which one to pick! The streets and beachfront are lined with places serving a mix of local and international cuisine to suit even the most selective of palettes. We recommend trying a local's favourite, El Segoviano, for the most delicious meatballs, lamb and suckling pig you will have ever tried.

Water Sports

With a rocky volcanic coastline, there's no surprise that water sports enthusiasts flock to the island for a Tenerife holiday to take advantage of the diverse marine life that lives around it. Scuba diving and snorkeling is popular all around, but in Las Caletillas the main attractions are kitesurfing, windsurfing and bodyboarding.

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