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Student holidays

Student holidays

Forget about the exams, essays and sleep-inducing seminars, there’s a student loan to be spent and there’s no better way to spend it than on a couple of cheeky student holidays! Whether you see yourself carrying on the fresher tradition by downing a countless number of cocktails in between the slurs of banter between hall and house mates, or engrossing yourself in a different kind of culture while starting your bustling career as a professional traveller – that’s putting the business degree to good use at least (maybe) – either way, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you seek and best of all, you can do it all on a student budget too!


Ibiza Rocks Hotel


Mallorcar Rocks


Best Western Blue Square Hotel

£34 per night

Club B Mallorca Apartments

£21 per night

Ibiza Rocks Hostal


Nick's Hotel Apartments


Hotel Diamond


Savvas Hotel


Hotel Medena


Faliraki Vista Studios


Columbus Aparthotel

£20 per night

Kavalir Hotel


Las Piramides Resort

£18 per night

Dance Beats in Ibiza

There’s no better place to really kick off your clubbing holidays than with a trip to this vibrantly colourful collection of foam parties, hyperactive strobe lights and booze cruises, Ibiza really is the clubbing capital of Europe. Here you can surrender yourself to the hedonistic vibes as you dance the night away without a care in the world, leaving behind the ominous undertones of creeping essay deadlines and preying exam dates – be sure to leave the lecture notes and textbooks at home.  Also make sure you experience the various clubbing themes present during your holidays for students; there’s no way you’ll forget the best night of your lives after a spell in Amnesia, while Ibiza Rocks always has a well-known headliner disrupting the air waves of this tropical escape, Madness and Kaiser Chiefs being just a couple of the names to have graced this star struck venue.

Go Mad in Majorca

Are you really christened as a student if you don’t disregard the studies in favour of wild exploits on student holidays? Magaluf will put the question beyond doubt, and you can expect an episode of raucous capers to go along with your degree should you decide to go here. Sun splashed beaches and lapping waves set the scene for the morning after hangover – or the afternoon if you can’t get up before then – and with so many clubbing options you’ll have no trouble when it comes to contemplating whether or not you should ever drink again. A solid mixture of bars and clubs line the strip allowing you to ease yourself into the midnight hour before letting loose until sunrise, whether you choose to start the night in Crystals Bar before finishing yourself off in BCM Planet Dance, you may just find yourself coming back year after year.

Leave the Lectures Behind for Crete

Everyone needs a break and sometimes the studious nights out don’t quite cut it back home, so why not trade it all in, along with your inhibitions, for Crete? Malia plays host to the air-shattering bass here, and there’s no better place to really unwind than in the party town all students come to. With a bustling nightlife to rival even the best of Europe’s dance destinations, your night will have only just begun when the sun rises. Your student holidays will be talked about for years to come and you can be sure to look back on the times spent getting funky in Candy Club with pride and with a vague blur of forgetfulness, drizzled with alcoholic delicacies.

Hangovers Never Felt so Good!

Whether you’re in Majorca or Ibiza, the inherent difference with a hangover on one of these islands comes from the sun splashed sands and warm waters which seemingly drain away the strains of the night before. Sunbeds will be your doctors and watermelons your drips, the cure for any head-pounding hangover awaits your arrival on the many private beaches and social coves, whether that takes you to Playa del Mar to take advantage of the budget-friendly all inclusive, or to the alluring attraction-infused beaches in Ibiza – where the party never stops and the ideal location giving way to the best holidays for students in Europe.