Sweden Holidays in 2014

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Sweden is the most populous of the Nordic countries and arguably has contributed more to the global consciousness than any other Scandinavian country. Think of Sweden and you think of ABBA, Ikea, Volvo, H & M, meatballs and Vikings, not just the midnight sun and winter sports. A holiday to Sweden will deliver you many things, including fantastic countryside, the bluest of blue water, great cuisine amazing hotels and a healthy life style that is apparent from the first moment you arrive.

Perhaps the crowning glory of Sweden is its Capital, Stockholm, which is probably the most beautiful city in Scandinavia. Stockholm is built on an archipelago of 14 islands in the Baltic Sea interconnected by a network of bridges and waterways. Stockholm is a delightful mix of the traditional and contemporary and the city centre can be easily explored on foot. Michelin starred restaurants, cutting edge fashion houses and vibrant clubs and bars that open almost 24 hours a day give this city a cosmopolitan air that can only be matched by places such as London and Paris. Travel on holiday to Sweden and we can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Here are some more great ideas for a holiday in Stockholm.