Stockholm Holidays 2016

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The City of Islands

Sweden’s capital is something of a natural phenomenon, consisting of 14 individual islands inhabiting a combination of modern sophistication and engaging history, Stockholm holidays are sure to offer you variety.

Nearly a third of the city is made up of waterways, while another third consists of parks and woodland; so it is easy to see the appeal behind holidays to Stockholm, a journey that transports you to a land of natural beauty found within the city itself, and its further reaches.

The cultural and historical aspects of Stockholm are equally engaging, with the beautiful old town found on Gamla Stan displaying a beautiful collection of old buildings and cobbled streets, as well as the royal and political hub of Sweden.

Further still, Stockholm is a city bursting with artistic prowess, with its vibrant art scene displayed through a variety of exhibition halls, public spectacles and galleries. Alongside these galleries you’ll find more than 70 museums exploring topics ranging from Swedish history to old warships.

Winding Streets and Canals

On holidays in Stockholm, stroll along the extensive riverfronts and follow the snaking canals as a great way of absorbing the atmosphere and composition of the capital. Hopping from island to island across the city’s broad and exciting bridge network will expose you to the variable environments that make Stockholm such an interesting destination.

You’ll find a number of attractive bars, restaurants and cafes by the water, in particular the latter which are locally referred to as fika. These coffee-bars are an important aspect of Stockholm’s day-to-day existence, with a strong coffee and accompanying biscuit providing a decent way of refuelling for the afternoon. A number of hotels in Stockholm take advantage of the water, set in picturesque locations by the river and canal network.

If you fancy swapping the flowing rivers for snaking streets, the heart of the old town is blessed by charming cobbled walkways and attractive architecture. Pretty churches and tall townhouses seem to emerge around every corner, sitting amongst some 5-star hotels that look forward to welcoming you during your Stockholm holidays.

Island of Royalty

Culture and history fans should flock to the historical heart of Stockholm and discover the old town that is referred to as Gamla Stan. The island is a maze of cultural heritage sites and charming narrow streets. Alongside Gamla Stan, the island of Helgeandsholmen is home to the Swedish Parliament, while Riddarholmen is a politically-driven island boasting many grand palaces.

The main lure on Gamla Stan has to be the imposing Royal Palace, a big attraction during holidays to Stockholm. The Palace was constructed between 1697 and 1754 and is the official residence of the King of Sweden. You can access the palace and view The Royal Apartments, the Treasury and a couple of museums, providing you with a unique insight into the grandeur of this complex.

The palace and old town will look particularly magical during the cold winter months experienced between December and February, when a pretty blanket of snow will decorate the old architecture and grand buildings. For a more comfortable experience, heading to Stockholm between June and August will see you enjoying much better weather, with sun replacing snow.

However, art lovers may not spend so much time outside. Stockholm boasts some great art galleries and museums that will keep you warmly cooped up for most hours of the day, even if it isn’t snowing outside. Galleri Magnus Karlsson showcases the local art scene, as does the Lars Bohman Gallery, while the Stockholm Metro labels itself as ‘the world’s longest art exhibition’. For museum hunters, head to the Museum of Natural History if you have kids with you, or to the Armemuseum for an interesting insight into Sweden’s military history.

Out and About in Stockholm

Getting away from the centre of the city can offer a fresh perspective to holidays in Stockholm. A visit to the outer reaches of the Stockholm archipelago is a worthwhile experience, allowing you to see one of the most interesting and picturesque island networks in Europe. The island of Varmdo boasts some lovely beaches and alluringly deep forests, while Sandhamn is a pretty resort island which springs into life in the summer months.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Drottingholm is the home of the royal family. Although the Royal Palace is located in the centre of Stockholm, this 18th century palace is where they reside. Much of it is open to the public and the surroundings are certainly worth a wander for an hour or two.

Stockholm’s unique landscape is dotted with forests, lakes and hills. The latter offers visitors some fantastic views, in particular from the viewpoints found on Sodermalm Island, while the city’s highest observatory floor and restaurant, Kaknastornet, gives good views of the central town and inner archipelago.

Stockholm City Holidays


The Royal National City Park is a beautiful area that provides some respite from the excitement and bustle of the city. The City Hall is home to a large variety of spectacular buildings built in a range of remarkable architectural styles. Gröna Lund is the city’s amusement park, that is home to plenty of rides and roller coaster; a popular destination with tourists and residents alike.


Walking tours are an excellent way to discover and explore the fascinating city. The tour guides will take you to all the biggest tourist attractions as well as some hidden gems. It is also possible to take the popular ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Tour’ of the city and its surrounding areas that enable visitors to walk in the footsteps of the characters from the bestselling book series.


The city has a huge variety of restaurants and the city is fast developing a name for itself on the international food scene. Stockholm is a vibrant city after dark and there’s no shortage of bars great if you want to sample some local drinks or dance the night away. The city also has a lively club scene with plenty of clubs open into the early hours.


Stockholm is an excellent city to visit for a holiday and there are plenty of hotels in and around the city to suit all tastes and budgets. If you are looking for a low cost room or some luxurious five star accommodation you will be sure to find something to suit you in the city. There are also plenty of apartments if you would prefer to go self-catered.

Stockholm Couples Holidays

Couples Attractions

Sweden is one of the world’s largest coffee consumers and there are a large number of cafes all over the city. Stockholm is a city based around a number of waterways and there are some beautiful walks along the waterfront. The city has plenty of art museums that are great to wander around and explore for an afternoon. The canals that crisscross the city are a great way to explore the beautiful city.

Couples Activities

If you are interested in exploring the city of Stockholm and discovering its many delights then why not take a sight-seeing tour. There are hundreds of guided tours that run in many forms throughout the city, some on foot and others by bus or bicycle and some by boat. You can choose which aspect you would like to know more about the city and choose your tour accordingly.

Couples Nightlife

Stockholm has some truly fantastic restaurants, many of which are perfect for a romantic evening with views over the beautiful waterways of the city. The city has a vibrant and exciting nightlife with plenty of bars perfect for dancing, sipping cocktails or sampling some aquavit. There are a number of theatres in the city which make for a fun evening.

Couples Hotels

Stockholm is a beautiful city that makes a fantastic romantic getaway location. There are a wide variety of hotels scattered all over the city. Whatever your budget you can find something to suit your tastes whether you’d prefer a five star luxury hotel with spa facilities or a self-catered apartment in the centre of the city.

Stockholm Family Holidays

Family Attractions

Stockholm has plenty of museums in and around the city that explore everything from history to butterflies. Skansen is an open air museum that consists of historic exhibitions and a zoo. Aquaria is a large aquarium that is home to a wide variety of exotic and rare fish and marine life. The Butterfly House is a unique attraction that celebrates butterflies. Gröna Lund is a popular theme park situated just outside the city. The Royal Armoury or Livrustkammaren is a fascinating building in the centre of the city.

Family Activities

Stockholm is an exciting, modern city that is home to some fantastic shopping. Whether you are looking to pick up a bargain at one of the hidden vintage stores or try on some designer shoes at one of the boutique shops in the centre of the city there is something for every shopper in this dynamic city.


Sweden and in particular Stockholm is gaining a reputation for exceptional cuisine and fine dining. The city is home to a number of excellent restaurants as well as plenty that cater for families with children and don’t fear it’s not all herring and pickled vegetables there’s plenty of variety to keep everyone happy.

Family Hotels

The city has no shortage of hotels, many of which are located in the bustling centre of town. There are also a number of hotels that cater for families with children, with day care and crèche facilities as well as recreational areas and kid’s entertainment. Whatever budget you are working form you will be sure to find something suitable in the city.

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