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Short breaks to Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is located in south eastern Sweden and is poised on the edge of over 20,000 islets. Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden and is home to almost two million people and is well-known as Sweden’s epicenter for culture and also the country’s economic wealth.

Stockholm, capital city of Sweden is official residence of the Swedish monarch as well as the prime minister. Apart from being a large city with an active cultural life, Stockholm, as Sweden's capital, houses many national cultural institutions.

Things to do in Stockholm

The Vasa Museum is one of city’s more interesting museums and has an intriguing past of its own. The Vasa is a ship that was built in Stockholm in the 1600s however shortly after its completion in 1628 the Vasa sunk immediately after leaving Stockholm’s harbor. For the next 333 years it rested at the bottom of the Baltic Sea until it was salvaged. Now this museum with character tells of its ill-fated story and also shows a film about the short life of the vessel. The film is either shown in English or with English subtitles every hour. This unique museum should certainly be a key part to your itinerary during your Stockholm city break.

If you want to experience the real Stockholm, the Walking Tour is the only real way to do it. This 90 minute tour takes you through the meandering streets of Stockholm’s Old Town and allows you to pillage your way through the culture and history of Sweden. The tour also stops off at many of Stockholm’s famous landmarks such as the Royal Palace and the Parliament buildings. The tour also takes you to lesser known places and is a great addition to a short stay in Stockholm.

Swedish cuisine is not just IKEA meatballs and spaghetti. Due to its vast rivers and streams, Sweden has been isolated from itself for many centuries. In the north, meat dishes comprising of reindeer are very popular, where as in the south vegetables are the staple-diet. Many of the restaurants in Stockholm offer fantastic vegetable dishes, as well as succulent meat dishes as well. So a trip to one of Stockholm’s restaurants is highly advised during your stay.

Stockholm’s waterways offer many different types of cruises, one of which is the cruise to Helsinki, Finland. This overnight cruise will allow you to relax in one of the ship’s many bars or enjoy a spot of entertainment in the on-board casino. This short cruise will allow you to not only experience the flamboyance of Sweden’s capital but also the incredible design and architecture of Helsinki during your Stockholm city break.

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