Tunisia Holidays 2014

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Tunisia Attractions

Top Attractions

As well as offering superb beaches, Tunisia is also steeped in fascinating history. Of all the places to discover in Tunisia, the ruins of what was once Carthage is always worthy of a visit, and the Old Town area in Tunis itself should be on everyone’s itinerary.

For relaxing holidays beside the Mediterranean Sea, you should head to the fishing town of Hammamet. Sousse is also a popular spot, and the coastline around Kelibia, which faces Sicily, has always been a hidden gem which many of those in the know like to keep to themselves.

Wine and Dine

With so many things to do in Tunisia, it’s reassuring to know eating out at the end of a tiring day is such a pleasure. The restaurants in the main tourist regions offer a wonderful combination of north African and southern European cuisine, so there will always be something for everyone here.

Restaurant du Peuple in Sousse is highly recommended for anyone who wants to find a true taste of Tunisia, while Chez Achour in Hammamet has a lovely courtyard setting, an extensive and cosmopolitan menu and friendly, attentive service. El Walima in downtown Tunis serves excellent food amid a quirky setting.

Action and Adventure

If you’re a fan of water-sports you will surely love this country, because there so many things to do in Tunisia both on and under the waves. At Monastir, you will be able to scuba dive or snorkel in beautiful crystal clear waters – discovering more about the undersea world has never been so pleasurable.

One of the main Tunisia attractions is simply the beautiful landscape, and one way to see more of it is with a camel ride. In Pegase, you can enjoy a ride through some stunning countryside, so get ready for a genuine voyage of discovery.

Family Fun

Parents with young children, as well as the kids themselves, will love Blue Ice in Hammamet. It’s primarily an ice rink, but it also plays host to an ice cream parlour and a number of indoor games. Also in Hammamet, you will find the intriguingly named Carthageland Theme Park, which combines fun with a sense of history.

You can get wet and wild at the exciting Acqualand Water Park at Port El Kantaoui. There are several fun-packed rides to enjoy, and even Mum and Dad will enjoy the more sedentary of these. Be sure to set aside a whole day for this popular water park – there’s plenty to make the most of!

Friguia Park, an excellent wildlife park located between Hammamet and Sousse, is home to a number of animals and will provide a day of fun and discovery for kids of all ages. The species housed here include gazelles, camels, ostriches, lions and antelopes.


In the main tourist areas you will be able to sample the many delights of the local nightlife. Of all the things to do in Tunisia, nothing beats the hedonistic atmosphere of the waterfront areas around Hammamet and Sousse.

In Tunis itself, you have a great selection of nightspots catering to both tourists and local residents. One of the more impressive is Carpe Diem, which is located in Route de la Marsa which offers delicious food, affordable cocktails and a nicely chilled vibe. In general, the local nightlife in the holiday destinations may not always be easy to find, so the sensible option is to ask one of the receptionists in your hotel … They are always the people in the know.

Recharge and Relax

Tunisia is as much about relaxation as it is about activity, and you will find plenty of exceptional spa venues here. You can unwind in style at the Hotel Royal Kenz in Port El Kantaoui, for example, where rejuvenation is always on the menu. Thalassa Sousse in Sousse also offers a range of soothing treatments to guests and visitors.

There are times when nothing beats an afternoon of complete and utter laziness on a sun-kissed beach, and this is one of the best things to do in Tunisia in the summer months. The beach at Hammamet is a particularly beautiful place to visit, if only because of the way the coastlines arcs itself around the local town.

For the ultimate recuperation after a day in the hot sun, try a refreshing drink in a Tunisian bar overlooking the ocean. La Marsa is a particularly good spot for this, so remember to bring your camera with you.