Djerba Holidays 2016

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Delightful Djerba

Unique architecture alongside white sand beaches separate the small island from the traditions of mainland Tunisia, but holidays to Djerba will be sure to stun and amaze even the most well-travelled tourists.

To many, a crocodile farm would sound absurd, but not to the people of Djerba, who share an island with the biggest crocodile farm in the Mediterranean. It’s best to head there for feeding time to see these tremendous beasts in action but this is just one of the many quirks found in Djerba, the hot climate being ideal for this sort of attraction. Djerba has many fun things to do, and being situated on the north coast of Africa, will always guarantee fantastic views of the Mediterranean.

Hot Summers and Mild Winters

Djerba is truly an island for all seasons, Djerba holidays being perfectly equipped with unspoilt beaches from where you can watch the dolphins play, while also being home to Houmt Souk, a bustling market town for all of the haggler wannabes planning on bagging a bargain. Mainland Tunisia is only a short journey away, and if you have time then a desert safari is a once in a lifetime activity for the whole family to enjoy, just make sure you stock up on water!

Holidays in Djerba wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Djerbahood, an open-air museum that contains a range of styles and subjects painted by artists all over the world. It’s pretty obscure and there isn’t a huge amount of information available, but part of the fun is discovering all of the paintings on hidden walls and structures, a truly memorable aspect of what will surely be an incredible holiday.

Please note: For all arrivals in 2014 onwards, there will be a Tourist City Tax of 2 TND per person per night – children under 12 years old are exempt. The tax is payable directly to the hotel upon arrival.

Please note: Due to limited power resources which the government controls, air-conditioning is only allowed to be run from mid-June to mid-September.

Useful information

Arabic, Shilha, French, (English spoken in main resorts)
Tunisian Dinar (TND)
Local time
GMT/BST +1 hour
Flight time
2 hours 30 minutes