Turkey Bodrum Area Holidays 2016

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Burgeoning Bodrum

This bustling blissful beach resort has plenty to offer, including architectural glory, historical culture and a vivacious nightlife

Bodrum holidays boast a perfect blend of historical attractions and natural beauty. The district in Turkey is popular during the summer, adding a buzz and excitement to the environment. The selection of beaches across the Aegean Sea range from lively to sedate, offering you a tailor made experience. With resorts such as Torba and Turgutreis only a short drive away, the options of activities is endless.

Wonderful Sights and Eventful Nights

To get away from the hustle and bustle completely, head inland to Ortakent, where many modern and ancient monuments sit beside authentic restaurants minus the masses on the promenade. If you’d like to see neighbouring islands in a more extravagant manner on your holidays to Bodrum, treat yourself to a Bodrum cruise, commencing from the port decorated by Greco-style buildings. Stop off at Bitez harbour where you can grab some Turkish pastry stuffed with cheese and zucchini flower, or a salad with yoghurt and orange marmalade.

In terms of Turkish tourist attractions, Bodrum is a very wealthy place. The preserved sites include the monumental amphitheatre close to Gumbet. Dating back to the 4th century, the amphitheatre was previously used for dramatic plays and gladiator fights. To marvel at another archaeological site head to the Pedasa Antique City where you will come across amazing views and hidden Turkish villages. Another wonder on your holidays in Bodrum is the Museum of Underwater Archaeology. In the rooms of St. Peter’s Castle sit savoured souvenirs from local shipwrecks and collections of ancient artefacts.

If you’re keen on a bit of pampering, Altinkum has just what you need. Exfoliate with a Turkish bath and refresh your skin in a marble steam room. Hop on a warm stone slab for a full body massage to complete an indulgent and relaxing day. When the evening strikes, Bodrum holidays provide a wealth of opportunity to let your hair down. Small to large bars cater to small families and lively groups, with many clubs to choose from playing the best dance floor classics until the early hours of the morning.

Bodrum Area Beach Breaks

Sun, Sea and Sand

Escape the British weather and enjoy a Mediterranean climate. It is beach weather almost all year round and the real sun seekers will get as much as they can handle, with the summer months regularly topping 35 degrees. The sea breeze cools the air somewhat and will allow you to enjoy the stunning Aegean coastline and swim in the up-to 25 degree sea. It is non-stop sunshine between May and October, so there's plenty of time to get a tan on your beach holiday!

Water Sports

Because of the warm sea and the generally calm Aegean Sea, it is great for water sports here. It is a scuba diver's haven, with experienced divers able to explore various offshore volcanic islands whereas beginners can opt for organised lessons on one of the more calm bays. Nearby, Vass is probably the best area for windsurfing – advanced windsurfers will enjoy the busy summer atmosphere. Beginners should look to the more calm area of Pure Windsurfing Centre. Kiteboarding can also be enjoyed at many of the same locations as windsurfing, there really is something to suit all watersport tastes.

Top Beaches

Beach lovers can be very specific about their tastes. Fortunately, a holiday to the Bodrum area comes with a choice of fantastic beaches to soak up the sun. Just a short bus ride from the centre is Bitez Beach, a sandy haven surrounded by trees. You won't be far from historic attractions should you need a break from the sun. A vibrant, water sport-friendly atmosphere can be found at Gumbet Beach, where the party lovers head. Stay during the day and in the evening this beach turns into something of a party hotspot. More peace can be found a little way out of town at Cesme Beach, where many kilometres of golden sandy beaches await.

Bodrum Area Couples Getaways

Things to see

Slightly inland from the coast is Bodrum's own hamam, a Turkish Bath for both of you to relax. Travel a bit further and you can wallow in the natural mud baths to your heart's content. Plan a trip to Aphrodisias, approximately three hours from Bodrum, and enjoy the breathtaking views of this ancient city.

Relax in Bodrum

Couples can have a romantic, relaxing getaway, with many places to laze away the Turkish sunshine. For the best beaches, you will be looking to travel 20-30 minutes, where the sand and sun will easily help you forget about real life. The beaches are plentiful enough that you never have to visit the same one twice. For the true relaxation experience, pick a spa resort hotel and allow yourselves to be pampered – Turkish style.


Whether you are relaxing or exploring during the day, the Bodrum area comes to life at night - particularly for couples. There are all-night clubs and bars ready to welcome party animals and you will find a place to drink on every corner. Head to Bar Street, which runs parallel with the sea, where you can drink looking at the beach while the sun sets. Of course, the party life is not restricted to the night time, so be sure to check out the floating beach club, Aquatica, for a unique party experience with copious beach cocktails.

Romantic Hotels

The best bet for a couple looking to enjoy the full Bodrum experience is one of the many spa resort hotels on offer. The Petunya Beach Resort has a relaxing atmosphere and has its own Turkish spa on site. Take advantage of the all inclusive option for a truly chilled out holiday.

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Bodrum Area Family Holidays


Bodrum is truly a wonderful destination for family relaxation and adventure. For simply lazing on the beach, Bodrum and its surrounding areas have plenty of options offering different experiences. The pebble beach boasts great swimming for all the family in high season, with boats roped off to free up the shore. There is stunning scenery for family day trips, with the ruins of the Mausoleum, one of the seven Ancient Wonders, a must-see during your stay.

Family Fun

Children and adults alike enjoy a good water park and Bodrum has two on offer. These parks will keep the kids active and allow for a real mixture of holiday activity. One is even on the beach where you can relax if things get too adrenaline-fuelled. To fully explore, quad bike safaris are available for family adventures to wherever the children end up taking you!

Eating Out

Bodrum offers a wide array of food for all the family. Its coastal location means fresh fish is on offer wherever you turn, with helpful staff able to advise in case of any fussy eaters. For proper traditional fare – including kebabs, kofte and locally caught seafood, head to one of the many traditional restaurants. A truly elegant family feast can be had at Kocadon, with a stunning courtyard and smooth, jazz-filled evening atmosphere for a relaxing meal after an active day.

Family Hotels

Depending on what you have planned for your family during your stay, the area has many hotels located in the key areas.The Mandalinci Spa and Wellness has its own private beach and full spa facilities, perfect for a relaxing holiday.

The Bodrum Park Resort are located in their own private gardens and are just a short walk to the beach that has amazing water sports facilities.

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Exploring the Bodrum Area

Ancient World

The Bodrum area is rife with glimpses of the ancient world, so is a perfect place to explore history. Pamukkale, or 'cotton castle', is a breathtaking day out. It is full of hot springs and travertines, layers of limestone deposited by the flowing springs. Bathe in the stunning natural pools or simply snap photos from a distance. Glance into the history of the ancient Greek world with Didyma and Ephesus. The former was an Ionian shrine, once containing a temple and an oracle of Apollo. Ephesus was once an important commercial port with plenty still standing to get a taste of what it was once like.


See the area in a different way by embarking on a horse safari or even walking part of the Meryema pilgrimage route. The safari on horseback can be done as a day or half-day experience and will take you to see all the hidden treasures. If you are feeling truly adventurous, head to the House of the Virgin Mary, part of the Seven Churches of the Apocalypse and Nicea pilgrimage.


If you book a holiday between November and March, you could well be treated to a spot of camel wrestling. The camels compete around ten to 14 times per season and it will certainly be a different story to tell your loved ones when you return home. Elsewhere, in August, Bodrum hosts an annual ballet festival. The location is the Bodrum Castle, which itself offers a unique chance to explore.


You will find loads of ancient architecture here, from minarets to Izmir mosques. Probably the city's most prominent landmark is the Castle of St. Peter, which now operates as a museum, but has been incredibly preserved since being built in 1402. The Myndos Gate allows you to picture one of the many bloody battles during Alexander the Great's siege of the city. There are many white 18th century windmills on the peninsula and between Bodrum and Gumbet there is a hill containing seven of them.

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