Lincoln Holidays 2016

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Explore the Lively Streets of Ludlow

Spectacular surroundings, an idyllic town centre and enough deliciously mouth-watering cuisine to tempt your taste-buds – you’ll sure to fall in love with Ludlow.

Located in the hills of the beautiful Shropshire countryside, holidays to Ludlow comprise of a lively market town surrounded by unspoilt scenery, interspersed with thriving restaurants and charming hotels. An ideal destination for nature lovers or those craving an active break, it serves as a breath-taking backdrop to an array of outdoor activities – from cycling and hiking to horse-riding and fishing. Abundant in natural beauty and with plenty of activities and attractions on offer in the town, Ludlow are sure to linger in the mind long after you return home.

Markets and Monuments

While there are plenty of outdoor activities on offer, you’ll find some particularly fascinating attractions on your Ludlow holidays that document the history of this part of Shrewsbury. Ludlow Museum is worth a visit to learn more about the town’s past, while the Town Tour takes you around the most iconic sites in the UK– from the striking architecture of Ludlow Castle to St Laurence’s Church.

For those looking to immerse themselves firmly in the spirit of the town, there are some vibrant markets worth visiting on your holidays to Ludlow. The main attraction is the annual food festival, showcasing a variety of mouth-watering treats to feast your eyes upon, while the weekly food markets are worth a visit to stock up for souvenirs to take home.