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London City Breaks 2016

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History, Culture and Colour in London

London is a city that needs no introduction. Revered as one of the world’s great cities, shaping culture and history, and today entertaining holidaymakers that embark on London city breaks with a medley of landmarks, museums, shops and night entertainment. There are so many things to do in London and you can expect a busy city break when descending on the UK’s capital. Each and every district or borough resonates with its own unique identity and appeal, ensuring every day, hour and minute spent in the city is full of continual variety.

Choosing where to stay and which realms of London to explore can often be the most stressful and time-consuming aspect of city breaks to London. One of the best options is to base yourself in one of the comfortable and luxurious Central London hotels, allowing you a conveniently-located base for heading north, south, east and west and capturing the myriad of attractions located across London.

Grand Sites and Extravagant Shopping

From tourist-heavy sites to trendy, up-and-coming areas, each area of London holds its own identity and appeal, ensuring that all manner of holidaymakers will be appeased by what London holds in store for them. One of the most magical, and touristy, areas of London is Covent Garden – characterised by its grand piazza filled with street performers, bustling market, phenomenal range of restaurants and bars and famous theatres. A short hop away is the shopping Mecca that is Oxford Street, lined by boutiques and the big guns of retail, ever busy and bustling but full of life and excitement.

From shops and restaurants to grand landmarks and historic bridges – transporting from retail-friendly areas to those boasting some of London’s top sites is made easy by the wonderful public transport system. A short hop down to the iconic River Thames will expose you to the grandeur of Westminster and the captivating history found around Tower Bridge. The former is the seat of the UK parliament and is home to famous sites including Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and Westminster Palace, while the latter, located by the City, has an engrossing past and is one of the most exciting and engaging attractions to visit during city breaks in London.

Following the Trend

There always seems to be a different area of London where new trends emerge and where up-and-coming vibes are sensed. One particular district trumps most when it comes to trend-setting – Camden Town should adorn every visitor’s wish list during London city breaks. The area is famed for its legendary alternative markets, quirky pubs and fantastic music venues. The whacky, bohemian feel is adopted by everyone who’s anyone, now gradually and emphatically seeping out to London’s east. Out in the east, south of the ‘hip hubs’ of Hackney, Dalston and Shoreditch is the historically significant Docklands area. The historical Docklands of the city have shifted from their nautical importance to a more business and residential ethos of late. Today you’ll encounter some sensational pubs, the towering business area of Canary Wharf and the occasional staggering yacht.

While the west isn’t considered as trendy as those scallywags out in the east, there are some fantastic sites around the eastern districts of London that omit important artistic heritage. Back in the cultural centre, visitors should try and walk the stretch from Marble Arch down to Buckingham Palace during city breaks to London, strolling beside Hyde Park on Park Lane and stumbling across the palace through the tranquillity of Green Park. The parks encompass one of the most relaxing and scenically-beautiful areas of London, as well as being a mere stone’s throw from the grand palace of the Royal Family.

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London is full of beautiful architecture and historical culture; it’s a thriving hub of activity in which it’s very difficult to get bored. Take a long walk around one of the cities beautiful parks, ambling through rose gardens and groves of ancient trees, or take a ride down the river Thames on a dinner cruise. A wonderfully historical jaunt to St Pauls will lead up to the Whispering Gallery with acoustics that allow murmurs on wide side of the room to be heard on the other. Careful what you whisper!


If you fancy a cosy night of wining and dining than look no further than Covent Garden’s Clos Maggiore, often described as an ‘oasis’ in the heart of the city, it’s particularly famous for its expansive wine list. Afterwards why not take the tube down to the West-End and catch a one of the many shows? Finish off in one of the cities many trendy wine bars for a wonderfully balanced evening.


London’s famous for its shopping. With the shopping-centres ranging from the sublime to the bizarre there truly is something for everyone. Big stores not quite you thing? That’s fine too, why not check out one of London’s many markets and pick up some fresh produce or bargain deals?


If you’re looking for somewhere to be alone with your partner then Hotel 41’s intimate blend of high technology and sophisticated style could be for you. With views overlooking the Royal Parks and the Royal Mews and being just a short walk away from Pall Mall you’ll really be nestled in the heart of London. For style and comfort in central London try the Ambassadors Bloomsbury, it’s an easy walk to most attractions and is very popular with couples.

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The Houses of Parliament

Drop into the heart of UK government. The Houses of Parliament are a set of magnificent old buildings which are open to the general public in the summer months. If you fancy climbing Big Ben or touring some of the many chambers then you can do so by contacting your local MP who'll help you organise it.


If you’re interested in historical works of art than the National Gallery is the place to go. With over 2300 pieces on display, you can lose yourself for hours amongst the winding corridors and vaulted ceilings. The Tate Modern is a bastion of modern artists and often hosts weird and wonderful exhibitions meant to expand our understanding of art and the world around us, well worth a visit.


London has a museum for everyone. With the British Museum hosting the works of man from pre-history to modern times, The Science Museum asking questions about the future of space travel, The Natural History Museum offering fantastic displays of dinosaurs and a life size blue whale and many other museums offering varied looks on just about everything you won’t run out of places to visit.

The River Thames

What better way is there to see London than from the river which winds through it? Many of the city’s historic buildings sit on the rivers banks and there are a variety of different tours you could take to see it all. There are also a range of boats which offer food and drink on their tours, so enjoy a three course meal as you’re taken along one of Britain’s most famous waterways.

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Tower of London

London is known for its educational and exciting days out for the whole family and offers some of the best attractions in the UK for people of all ages. Visit the Tower of London, this ancient prison was founded in 1066 during the Norman conquest of England and is still standing today, the Tower is best known for its Beefeater guards and for holding the Crown Jewels.

London Aquarium

With easy access from both the Westminster and Waterloo tube stations, the Aquarium has plenty to do for an educational and exciting day out. Take a look at the new Shark Reef Encounter exhibit, a glass walkway winds above a shoal of sixteen sharks that prowl the waters beneath! Or if sharks aren’t your thing, check out the myriad of others exhibits. Penguins, octopi, sea horses, giant sea turtles and more are awaiting discovery within.

Madame Tussauds

Meet you idols at Madame Tussauds, found a two minute walk from the Baker Street tube station the museum is known across the world for its astoundingly lifelike waxwork models of celebrities and other famous personalities. From David Beckham to Spiderman and from the Queen to Einstein, there’s someone to see for everyone!

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If you’re looking for a little bit of opulence situated in in the heart of London, then look no further than The Grosvenor. Just five minutes from both Vitoria Station and Buckingham Palace, it offers a wide array of facilities in a beautiful and pristine setting, well worth a look!

If you’re looking for something a bit more cheap and cheerful then try the Airways Hotel Victoria. Its location is superb for family sightseeing and with a warm and comfortable atmosphere you can feel safe and secure using it as a base for your holiday.

London Central Nightlife


For a wonderfully classy European atmosphere why not try Baranis in Covent Garden, the drinks list is known to have a number of exciting and unusual cocktails along with a unique wine selection. If you fancy something smaller then head down to Soho and check out 22 Below, a cosy little cocktail bar famous for its regular Electric Mouse comedy night and intimate charm.


One of the best ways to get a real taste of British culture is in its pubs, London boasts a wide selection ranging from more classical old style pubs to the newer gastro pubs. For traditional charm visit The Mayflower, a 16th century building which boasts original oak beams and a brilliant range of food and drink. For a slightly more exclusive drink, venture up to the Heights and its wall of ‘windows’ which is said to have some of the best views of central London.


As the country’s capital city, London has perhaps the most varied and expansive club scene in the UK. From huge mega-clubs with multiple dance floors and themed rooms to smaller, more intimate halls meant for live music and more obscure sounds you'll be spoilt for choice.


London has everything from Michelin star restaurants owned by some of the world’s tops chefs to more traditional pub food made in a true English style. Somewhere in between are the plethora’s of international eateries and chains which can be found in most of the world’s major cities. Needless to say, if you’re hungry in London you won’t be for long.