Holidays in Scotland 2016

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Celebrate the Diversity of Scotland

Amazing landscapes, lively cities, and a long list of beaches are just some of the things on offer when considering holidays in Scotland. Whether you’re looking to retreat to the countryside and hike the craggy mountains or immerse yourself in vibrant city life, Scotland has everything you could ever wish for.

Things to do during holidays to Scotland are almost never ending, but this shouldn’t be overwhelming, as specific attractions can be tailored by the holidaymaker to create the ideal trip to the magnificent country. The attractions for countryside lovers and hikers are undeniable, as the Highlands and the Isle of Skye present picturesque flourishing scenery possessing some of the best views imaginable.

A Plethora of Activities

Edinburgh combines the best of both worlds in terms of what Scotland has to offer, as the capital city has an old town coupled with ancient buildings and a thriving modern nightlife. Edinburgh also features a plethora of outdoor spaces ideal for Scotland holidays in the summer. Head to the Royal Botanic Garden where you can admire the colourful floral displays, creatively trimmed hedges and beautiful lake complete with water lilies. Alternatively immerse yourself in the Scottish skyline and visit Holyrood Park which features archaeology spanning thousands of years.

Amazing outdoor spaces extend to Inverness and manifest in the form of the River Ness and the Merkinch Local Nature Reserve. See if you can spot Nessie at the former or simply admire the illustrious river and its verdant accompaniment. As well as the nature reserve, locations in St Andrew’s are sure to entertain the little ones. The area includes the Clay Shooting Centre, the Craigtoun Country Park and a myriad of golf course to pick from.

Beach bums should head to Balmedie Beach in Aberdeen to escape from city life and take advantage of some solitude. The quiet and clear beach hosts beautiful sand dunes and a big blue sea perfect for water sports and swims when you need to cool off. Glasgow is the place to head if you’d rather immerse yourself if the centre of the arts scene and a thriving nightlife during Scotland holidays. Don’t forget to check the listings at the Glasgow School of Art where you can catch local and international artists performing regularly. For an extended night among the city’s hip and chic, make your way to Sub Club, The Arches or West End to make the most of your Scotland holidays.

Scotland Couples holidays


Scotland’s a fantastic destination to the avid ramblers among us, its lochs and mountains host a wide range of winding trails which can provide the perfect level of intimate isolation for the nature loving couple. Take in the breath taking scenery with your loved one from the back of Britain’s tallest mountain, Ben Nevis, truly a site to see.


Edinburgh’s famous for its fantastic shopping and those of us who have a passion for the art of shopping will be able to lose themselves for hours at a time amidst the ancient walkways and grey-stone alleys of Scotland’s Capitol. Take a trip from the city, visit a few farm shops and try fresh Scottish food and perhaps even a nip of Whiskey from one of the famous Distilleries in Whisky country.


Edinburgh and Glasgow have a wonderful array of restaurants to suit every taste, from the mildly romantic to the intimate getaway. Follow this up with a drink at one of the many fantastic bars along the causeway and then take in a show at the theatre. Wrap up your evening with a nightcap and you and your loved one should really feel the romance of Scotland wrap you in its arms…


What could be more romantic than a stay in a beautiful old castle furnished with the quiet luxury of traditional Scottish charm? Vibrant reds and oranges will help stave off the chill ion the air as you get closer to your partner in front of a roaring fire as the sun sets behind the mountains and the lights come on in the tiny clusters of villages. If you prefer something more modern then head into one of the many chain hotels which dot the cities and stay amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Why not take a look at our selection of 5* star hotels in Scotland?

Scotland Exploring Holidays


Scotland at large and Edinburgh specifically have a very long and very bloody history. Countless wars and murders have happened in the city since its founding and many of these are said to have left their mark on the stones themselves. While visiting the city, take one of the many ghost-tours and see if you can experience in the paranormal yourself. Be warned in the deepest, darkest parts of the vaults, no-one will hear you scream…


For something a little less fear-inducing, why not check out the world famous Edinburgh Fringe festival? Occurring annually in August, the Fringe hosts some of the United Kingdom’s best and most creative talent all coming together into several fantastic nights out!


Get out of the city for a while and take in some of the scenery from a cycle path. What better way to see all Scotland has to offer than by whizzing up and down the trails? Truly explore the countryside and visit some of the less accessible landmarks.

Boat Trips

If you’re eager to see the beauty of Scotland but not so interested in working up a sweat yourself, then why not join one of the many boat-trips across the lochs. Search for Nessie amongst the reeds and rush-beds of Loch Ness, or simply take in the sights of sounds of the Scottish Countryside like you’ve never seen it before.

Scotland Family Holidays


Scotland’s a beautiful and rugged country chock full of history and things you simply must see. Vast mountains arc across the skylines and where they meet huge lochs wind between them. Loch Ness is perhaps the most famous of these and with a little luck, maybe you and your family will see the elusive Loch Ness Monster. Out of the countryside, Scotland has some fantastic cities boasting long and fascinating histories along with great shopping and nightlives.


Hop onto a cable-car and travel to the very top of a mountain, take in the view and be truly astounded at the sheer size and complexity of the landscape. Wander the banks of a loch or visit one of the many castles some of which are little more than ruins while others have been transformed into museums fit for the whole family. Head into the city and visit some the National Museum of Scotland or the National War Museum to get a real look at the history of the Scots.


Scotland’s traditional cuisine is a bit of an acquired taste but if it’s one you happen to have managed to acquire you won’t be disappointed. Try haggis neeps and tatties cooked in the time-old way; just remember not to tell the kids what’s in it! If they already found out, or you’re not a fan, not to worry there are a huge amount of more international restaurants on offer too.


Whether you’re looking for a city-break or a wilderness excursion, Scotland has a lot to offer. There are a wide variety of campsites along with static-caravan parks which can accommodate you if you’re interested in getting in touch with nature. If not, Scotland’s cities hold a wide array of hotels, a fantastic option is staying in a real castle a must for any families with kids!

Scotland Nightlife


Whether you’re in the city or staying in the countryside, you’re sure to find a pub local to you. In true British tradition these pubs will vary from the quaint local to the thrumming city-pub but they’re warm and friendly places to their start or spend a night.


Clubs are found in pretty much all big cities and towns worldwide these days and Scotland’s are no different. Edinburgh’s club-scene has a lot to offer in this respect, with venues ranging from larger main-stream dance-halls to smaller more intimate live-music venues and most things in between.


Glasgow has a wide selection of trendy bars. Have a drink or three before heading out to a club or over to the theatre to take in a show. There’s a thriving musical scene in the Scottish cities and a lot of pubs, bars and clubs have regular live events which are as varies as they are exciting.


Scotland’s cuisine is known to be two things. Interesting and fresh. Widely accepted as having some of the freshest ingredients in the UK, sample some freshly caught Wild Atlantic Salmon, tuck into some wild Venison or brave the most famous of the Scotch delicacies, Haggis.