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Caribbean Fantasy

One of the gems of the Caribbean, British Virgin Islands holidays are one of the many idyllic getaways offered by this majestic part of the globe. The typical Caribbean fantasies are found in full swing in this incredible destination, satisfying all of the serene images conjured up by your sun-filled expectations.

The islands are the primary sailing destination in the Caribbean, and cruising between the myriad of deserted isles is one of the key attractions behind taking holidays to the British Virgin Islands. The coral reefs and shipwrecks contribute to a fantastic diving and snorkelling scene, while alongside the activities under the water, you’ll find various other water sports to keep you entertained.

On land you’ll discover historic towns and villages, beautiful churches, pretty gardens and informative museums, helping to add variety to your fantasy retreat.

A Myriad of Islands

The BVI consists of a number of individual islands, many of which are uninhabited, though the two main islands are well equipped for tourists. Tortola and Virgin Gorda are the two main locations, with the capital, Road Town, situated on the former. You will find the majority of the top hotels and resorts on these two islands, as well as the best infrastructure catering to tourists.

It is worth spending part of your British Virgin Islands holidays exploring the inland areas of Tortola and Virgin Gorda rather than spending all of your time around the water. Road Town is home to fort ruins and pretty churches, while on the island of Virgin Gorda you have the opportunity to visit a historic copper mine.

Undeniably the biggest highlights of these two islands can be found in and around the array of gorgeous beaches. The northern shore of Tortola is blessed with a beautiful expanse of white sands with some of the most popular destinations found in the form of Lambert Bay, Brewer’s Bay and Cane Garden Bay. On Virgin Gorda, the hidden caves and pools found at The Baths are one of the BVI’s biggest attractions, while Spring Bay provides even more paradisiacal bliss.

Water-filled Adventure

Holidays in the British Virgin Islands allow you the chance of some fantastic sailing, and the waters around the various islands are one of the best places for inexperienced sailors to develop their skills. The close proximity of the islands and protection from choppy waters creates a calm and safe environment to tackle. There are various companies on the two main islands offering sailing opportunities which will also allow you to sleep on board your yacht.

The scuba diving scene on the islands is second to none, with rich life beneath the waves and some great shipwrecks to explore. One of the best wrecks to tackle is the RMS Rhone which sank in a hurricane in 1867, while the Chikuzen wreck, comprising of four different sites, is equally as adventurous. You’ll find many schools across the main islands allowing you to embark on these dives, or to learn the sport all together.

There is also a burgeoning surfing scene to be found across some of the islands and on specific beaches. Two of the most popular beaches for surfing are Josiah’s Bay and Apple Bay, both found on Tortola.

Out and About in the British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands doesn’t always have to be about the sand and sea – you’ll find plenty of things to do away from the water. In Road Town you can explore the charming Folk History Museum as well as a variety of sweet little boutique shops along Main Street.

For a little bit of action inland, visiting the Sage Mountain Park will give you the opportunity to trek in a rainforest environment before tackling the highest mountain on all of the Virgin Islands.

If you find that you’ve run out of things to do on this particular group of islands, though that will take quite a long time, you can put your new-found sailing skills to the test and explore some more of the Caribbean’s island groups such as the neighbouring US Virgin Islands.